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Saturn Tyre Dress  £8.75

For restoration of rubber to leave a natural satin finish ,also seals tyre from dust, moisture and traffic film.  This is a non silcone water based product ideal for bodyshop use...


Ferrex Iron Remover   £9.95

Ferrex is a strong Iron particle remover designed for wheels. Spray on and leave to dissolve contaminants, leave for 1-2 minutes untill the colour turns purple. If severe contaminants then re-apply and aggitate with a still wheel brush then rinse off.

Use in a well ventilated area, keep out of reach of children   500ml

Meteor Wheel Cleaner   £8.95

Meteor is a non acidic wheel cleaner in a gel form, also has a great lemon scented smell making it pleasant to use. Brake dust and general road film are no match for this deep cleaning product, sensitive on alloys but very effective on dirt. Once wheels are clean we highly recommend you use Titan AS03 wheel sealant to protect and make future washing easy.   To Use, spray a small amount on wheel, agitate with the wheel brush then rinse clean


Wheels & Tyres

Titan AS03 Wheel Sealant    £9.95

Titan is a new revolutionary Nano wheel sealant to protect and leave an excellent glossy finish. You will have full protection against traffic film, brake dust build up, ice and frost, acid rain . Will make washing your wheels so much easier and quicker.


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Sheen Tyre Dress        £8.95

For restoration of rubber to leave a glossy finish, also seals tyres from dust, moisture and traffic film. Leaves a long lasting repelling finish.


Sheen Tyre Dress

Wheel Cleaning Brushes Long Handle (Set of 3)       £8.95


Scratchless soft synthetic material simply grasps grime and lifts it off the wheel

Its wedge shape allows you to get into those small, hard to reach areas The unique handle is comfortable and moulded to fit your hand   

Made in Great Britain

Wheel Brushes set of 3 Add To Basket

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