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Upholstery  & Interior

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Leather Protect     £9.95

Protects your leather from spillages and dye from clothing, helps keep leather nice and supple to prevent cracking.

Use Leatherique prior to applying

Size 100ml

Leatherique     £8.95

Leatherique is specifically designed to get your leather looking  back to its original finish, it will clean any leather with ease but also leave that nice supple touch.

Once your leather is clean we highly recommend you apply our Leatherprotect.

Size  500ml

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Fabrique     £7.95

A low foam product to clean fabric & Upholstery. Will remove dirt and light stains and is suitable for all types of fabric, carpet, plastic and vinyl. .Contains an anti-fungal solution.

Size 500ml

Dash Dust Mitt     £2.95

This Microfibre Dust Mitt grabs dust and locks it in, the soft pile will not scratch and the mitt protects your hand while using. Shake regularly (in a well ventilated area) to release trapped dust.

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Titan AS05 Fabric Protect     £7.95


Fabric Protect will leave your cars interior surfaces fully protected from unwanted spillages, with strong repelling actions any spillages are easier to wipe free.

Size 100ml

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