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Industrial fallout Removal Specialists

We are also specialists in the removal of industrial fallout contaminants and one of our most affective techniques is a mineral-based putty compound that will gently remove deposits from the paint surface without harming the paint itself. Effortlessly removes paint overspray, industrial and environmental contaminants whilst imparting an ultra smooth painted surface.We also have a unique product that will remove all oversray damage from exterior trims and rubbers where all other companies end up replacing them with new ones, this can be very expensive.

Paint contamination consists of tiny metal shavings from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. This contamination affects all paint finishes and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Paint contamination can be felt as a "rough or gritty" texture on the paint's surface and can lead to tiny rust spots. This contamination can not be removed by washing, waxing and/or polishing.

Stage 1:
Metal shavings land on the paint's surface.

Stage 2:

Shavings start to oxidize


Stage 3:

Rust forms in the paint

We will firstly come out and perform overspray removal on candidate test surface on your paintwork to evaluate results, below shows a lustre test before any testing to check how many microns of paint there is to work on.

If anyone has any problems regarding industrial fallout please dont hesitate to contact me and I will come and assess your problem as soon as possible.

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