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Applicators & Buffing

Soft Edge Tri - Applicators         £3.95

Soft Edge Tri-Applicators (Set of 3)

Set of 3 foams with a soft tapered edges ideal for corners.

Black Foam Applicator Pads     £2.50

At a 5" diameter, these applicators are larger than the majority of pads you can buy (Most applicators are 4") and are perfect for the application of any type of car wax or sealant.

Constructed from high quality closed cell soft foam they are soft, strong and efficient and even machine washable.

Super Plush Micro - Fibre Cloth x2            £5.95

These super Plush Micro - fibre towels are excellent quality and longer than the standard ones. Ideal for polishing off compounds or waxes.

Size 360mmx400mm

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Micro-Fibre Cloths x 2     £3.95

Soft high quality micro fibre cloth ideal for buffing off polish, wax and sealants.

Machine washable.

Size 360mm x 360mm

Foam Finger Applicator Pads   £4.95

Foam Finger Mitt Wax Applicator These are designed to fit over your fingers and into most sizes of wax jars.

The mitt gives complete control of how much pressure you put on the surface and allows for precision application exactly where you want it!

Size 23 x 90 x 115mm

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Large Micro-Fibre Duster      £8.50

The Microfibre "Noodles" attract and lift dirt whilst protecting surfaces. Soft, gentle and scratch free. Duster head can be removed from handle and machine washed.

Ideal to use on your car whilst at a show or for removing dust whilst polishing your vehicle to prevent scratching..

Length 490mm

Soft Edge IVORY Ultra Fine Applicators (Set of 2)      £3.75

 Pack of 2 foams

For when you demand the finest wax application possible

Made from very soft ultra fine foam material

Provides an exceptionally even finish

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Cotton Polish Pad     £2.50

Silicon free pad made from a foam core covered with white cotton for easy application.

The foam core provides ergonomic handling for easy and sparing application. The pad is re-usable and can be machine washed

Size 5”

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